Updated 09 December 2017

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For Sale

(posted 14/06/2017)

As New, Left handed Recurve Bow & equipment

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25 inch Win & Win Inno CXT carbon riser, 25 inch-28 b SF premium carbon limbs

Win & Win WK500 plunger ( pressure button), Win & Win carbon clicker, Spigarelli Gua arrow rest, Shibuya Double Click sight, 3 x SF 10 inch stabiliser rods, 1 x SF 28 inch stabiliser rod, 1 x SF  4 inch extension rod, 1 x Rubber damper, 2 x Stringflex bow strings (with nocking points), Bow stringer, Cartel 3 tube quiver, Win & Win multi bow stand.

12 x 28 inch Easton XT Eclipse arrows

Left handed Soma Joomong metal finger tab, Left handed Standard leather finger tab, Left handed Deluxe leather shooting glove, 2 x Finger slings, Leather arm bracer, Plastic arm bracer, Training sling, Nocking pliers, Arrow puller, String keepers, Bracing gauge, Limb alignment gauge, Legend Archery Pro Tour Challenger Bag.

800 mm x 800 mm x 70 mm multiform target boss (with various paper targets)

Books: Archery fundamentals, by Douglas Engh

            Archery, The act of repetition, by Simon Needham

            Archery, Steps to success, by Kathleen Howard & Kathleen Lewis

Video:  Archery in action, by Simon Needham

Absolute bargain    £600.00 ono

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For Sale

(posted 25/10/2017)

12 x Easton AC Profield

Arrow shafts - 470 spine  

Matched dozen, uncut and in original packaging


Paul Potts

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For Sale

A "Velbon" tripod.

Good for supporting a scope or binoculars up at the field.


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